10/12/20 - Taperecorder - The North Country EP

The "North Country" EP is here! A brand new five song EP that was six years in the making. It features Camper Van Beethovens Johnathan Segel who recorded his violin parts at his home in Stockholm; Williwaw who recorded his amped up ukulele in Glasgow where he lives. Jessica Francis recorded her vocals in the wee village of Hudson Quebec where most of the creation of this EP took place. "North Country" comes with a 60 minute bonus DJ mix called "North Country Radio".

"Leaving Astoria" is a companion single that contains a vocal version of the song Leaving Astoria from North Country; a brand new song that was recorded after finishing North Country; and a remix by Nashville's Betahax.

Click here for the North Country EP & the Leaving Astoria single!

06/05/20 - Taperecorder - Live at le Divan Orange


11/03/14 - The Wyoming EP

It has arrived:

Click here to listen and/or download!

07/02/14 - Wyoming

I am very excited to let you know that my latest release called Wyoming is being mixed and mastered!
The tracklising is:
1. California 74
2. Wyoming
3. Hot Bartender
4. Death Valley 1989
5. California 74 [Heiki Remix]
Looks like an autumn release! I am truly excited for this one!

04/26/14 - CALIFORNIA 74

The official video for California 74. A new song from the Jetyr & Wyoming EPs.

02/10/14 - Out now!

The Jetyr EP is available everywhere now!

Be sure to check the Jetyr EP launch page! Joygain has set it up so you can stream the 4 song EP; downloada bonus remix by Drunkwife (for free); and connect to various online shops to get your very own copies of songs from Lewis Bergan & Taperecorder (me)!

02/10/14 - The Jetyr EP

Just a few more days until the release of a collaboration EP between Taperecorder and Edinburgh's Lewis Bergen! This will be my frist release on joyGAIN and I amhappy as hell about joining such a promising label! The EP has already recieved a "definitely worth checking out" review from DJmag .

Check these links out:
- The EP launch page.
- Soundcloud preview.
- iTunes preorder.

The tracklisting:
1. Hoi Polloi
2. Hoi Polloi [Taperecorder remix]
3. California 74
4. California 74 [Lewis bergen remix]
There are a few bonus remixes that will be announced soon! Keep checking back in!

07/31/13 - Relax Into My Arms / Make Em Go Damn

It is here! my newest single. It is two song single being released by Toronto label Paper+Sound. You can listen to or download it here.

07/24/13 - New single!

I am playing tonight at the afterpoarty for Edmontons first ever pop-up restaurant! I also have a new single coming out on the Toronto based record label Paper+Sound!Side A is called 'Relax Into My Arms' and side B is called 'Make Em Go Damn'. More info very soon!

04/26/13 - Gatineau from the Edgewood Sessions!

A live rendition of Gatineau (from 'Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts') at the Edgwood Flower Shop.

02/25/13 - Friday nights at Bar de Courcelle!

I've taken a little break from the writing, producing, and performing side of music. This has pretty much coincided with the dissolution of the wonderful label I wasfortunate enough to have been involved with for the last 12 years. You can and definitely should read the wonderful, sad, and brutally honest hiatus letter that waspenned over at the Galactique site.

On a brighter note: I am DJing at my local haunt in the wonderfully bizarre neighbourhood of St-Henri here in Montreal. Every Friday night from 10pm to 3am you canfind me playing garage rock, hill country blues, pre punk, post punk, punk punk, and whatever other dirty rock 'n' roll music I can get my hands on. It's free, rowdy asfuck, and full of the only interesting people in Montreal. Info on the Bar de Courcelleon Facebook.

12/18/12 - Winter Solstice party!

We are having a little Winter Solstice dance party at Royal Phoenix on Thursday!!! I will be playing alongside Agor, and dj's Parklife, Adam Wilcox, andChristmas in Hollis. It's free and starts at 9pm. Drink specials, birthday fun, and a holiday soiree are in order!!!!

11/27/12 - DJ mix, shows, new release

Hey all! I helped out as part of the drunkwife dj mix called 'Daydrunk In Brooklyn'. 55 minutes of bouncy, rowdy, drunken fun! you can listen to or download it here. I am excited for an upcoming show which will be taking place at Xpo 929 in bushwickBrooklyn. i will be playing alongside DJ Cat King on the 13th of December.

10/31/12 - Chop! Chop! Happy Halloween!!!!

It is here!! My album compiled of remixes that I did for various people over the years! You can listen to and download for free/pay what you want by clicking here. Galactique had this to say about me: "As if Taperecorder hasn't already had the most prolificyear ever, here is a collection that highlights his particular skills in the esteemed medium of remixery. From labelmates to heroes to people he doesnt even like, thefifteen re-imaginings that make up Chop-Chop! span his career and about eighty-six different genres."

10/29/12 - Chop Chop promo #3

Here is the final wee promo for my upcoming release!

10/26/12 - Chop Chop promo #2

Here is another little 40 second advert for my upcoming release!

10/23/12 - Chop Chop promo #1

Here is a little 40 second advert for my upcoming release!

07/19/12 - Bandcamp staff pick!

The lovely folks over at Bandcamp gave 'Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts' a staff pick. "Electronica, head bobbing beats, unexpected twists, and waitfor it: banjo! from Taperecorder". -Bandcamp

07/19/12 - Come On Now!

With an indian summer settling nicely over our Brooklyn/Montreal homes, this month I am offering "come on now!" - 36 minutes of 60s-flavoured gems designed to make youtwist 'n' turn. Click HERE to begin the dance party.

05/16/12 - Live at Soundwave!

My previous music inarnation has a posthumous release today! 60 minutes of tonal, textured, and occasionally rowdy house music. Go listen and/or download here.

05/16/12 - Even In Our Tiny Moments!

My latest offering is called 'Even In Our Tiny Moments'. Three dark, dense, and dreamy songs mixed together in movements of sorts. I am really proud of thisone. It was great working with james apollo on a cover of the Jolie Holland song called 'Goddamn Shame'; as well as Fair Lion adding her dark and lovelydimension to Mirabel (named after the abandoned aeroport 45 minutes north of Montreal). Go listen and/or download here.

05/14/12 - MOG music editorial pick!

Some kind words from the editors of MOG about my 'Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts' album Read all about it!

05/12/12 - Gravel Mountain video!

Last summer there was a vague plan to release a single for 'Gravel Mountain'. It would have beem the original, a remix, an unreleased song, plus a video. Thevideo was filmed and edited together but the single was scrapped in favour of doing the remix album 'The Devil May Care'. I had hoped to eventually release the GravelMountain video alongside the remix album - but last minute technical issues prevented this and it was abandoned. Anyway, we recently took another crack at itand managed to make it work. So here it is, filmed in the decommisioned Outremont railyards of Montreal:

05/08/12 - Gussied up website!

Hey all! I gussied up and at the same time simplified my wibsite. Was going to launch it on the same day as my new EP came out (on may 16th) but I figuredI may as well do it on this rainy Tuesday afternoon. I hope you like it!

04/19/12 - Record Store Day!

This Saturday is record store day. Galactique recordings is celebrating it by offering a 'Ghost/Devil' combo! For $12 you will recieve "JustRamble & Think Of Ghosts' on high quality vinyl; plus a handmade CD of 'The Devil Is A Busy Man'; and digital download codes for both albums. Foronly $12!!!!

04/13/12 - Philadelphia Collins EP!

Galactique came up with this blurb about my new EP: "Philadelphia Collins saw its genesis in a few remix efforts that went a little too far. Beingthe musical tinker that he is, Taperecorder deconstructed and rebuilt the source material to the point where the results had transcended the contextof 'remix'. Indeed, each track on this EP is its own animal; entirely new songs informed, but not defined, by their original identities". You canlisten to and/or download it for free over here! Also be sure to check outthe video:

03/25/12 - Grimes remix

I never do unofficial remixes but there was something I heard in this grimes jam that I just wanted to try and bring out! Listen to or download it here!

03/19/12 - Le Divan Orange

This Wednesday night at Le Divan Orange in Montreal: Taperecorder, Stab Ability, and Foil!

03/15/12 - Cabinet!

Another single! I am so glad this song is finally seeing the light of day. The original was recorded during the same sessions as 'Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts',but for whatever reason - it just didn't want to be on that album. So it was put aside and it was going to be the last song on 'The Devil Is A Busy Man'. Low and behold,it didn't want to be on there either. It finally dawned on me recently that maybe it should get it's very own special little release. Galactique says "It's cause for celebration whena track emerges from seven years of musical purgatory, so the release of Taperecorder's "Cabinet" merits two singles instead of just one. The two parts are decidedly,delightfully divergent, pitting bouncy sass against organic grooves. Friends stop by in the form of long-buried collaborations with Tim "Love" Lee and [Blank], and newremixes from Lewis Bergen and Drunkwife".

Cabinet #1 is right here!
Cabinet #2 is right here!
Cabinet video:

02/29/12 - Leap Day presents: SLED!

Happy happy day that only happens every four years! Here is a lovely new single I made called Sled! In honour of the occasion and a perfectplace to begin the beguine! Sled! is a bouncy, mischievous dancer, buttressed by a Wolf Couture vs. DJ Teenwolf remix that is so perfect, twoalter egos of Kevin Ross were required to make it happen. Grab the free downloads here!

Sled! video:

02/26/12 - Shows/music/reviews/fun!

Hello all! I am home from a mini-festival in the west highlands of Scotland (with an afterparty show at the Berkely Suite in Glasgow). It was anabsolutely fantastic and messy time. The remix album 'The Devil May Care' came out while I was over there! Nine remixes of songs from 'The Devil Is A Busy Man'.This was a lovely conclusion the 'Ghost/Devil' era for me. Take a listen/download the remixes here!Sorry, but the strictly limited edition run of 50 (yes, just 50) CDs sold out immediately. Thank you to everyone who purchased them from me. Headnoz gaveme some great love over here. Keep your eyes and ears open for a special little leap day surprise!

02/20/12 - The Devil May Care!

Happy Valentines Day! 'The Devil May Care' is out now! 9 remixes of songs from 'The Devil Is A Busy Man'. Remixes by: Cosmo Memory, Ghost Noises, theVoluntary Butler Scheme, aAbulafia, GK Machine, Drunkwife, Lewis Bergen, plus two alternate takes. I am super excited about this release! This concludes the'Ghost/Devil' era for Taperecorder. For me this is such an lovely way to wrap it all up. Those albums were a huge part of my life! Get the free digital download here!There is a strictly limited edition run of 50 (yes, just 50) CDs of the album that can be ordered by clicking the link above too. Also: I amoutside of Glasgow for Machinefest this weekend. come on by and say hello if you are around!

02/05/12 - Shows!

Hello! I have a show coming up this Tuesday at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal. Then I am off to a few hours north of Glasgow for Machinefest! If you are ineither of these areas come on out and say hello.

12/15/11 - Live collection!

"Live & Legless" is three 14 minute clips of me live from the last tour and is out now! Available in digital form for a pay-what-you-want general donationsort of thing; as well as in antiquated CD format (which comes in a hand made arrigato styles pack with fancy little inserts and screenprinted discs by thed.i.y. me)! Take a listen and find out more info on the music page link! Thank you thank you thank you! Happy holidays!!

12/07/11 - UK mini tour!

Hey all! I am on a mini tour of Scotland and northern Englad. Aberdeen, Glasgow, York, Sheffield, Edinburgh, (and then Reykjavik on my way back to Brooklyn!)I will have physical copies of "Live & Legless" - which is three 14 minute clips of Taperecorder live from the last tour. I am in Glasgow now and happy to beback over here! Come on out and see me! cheers.

12/03/11 - Guardian UK pick & Headnodz love!

The Guardian UK chose the show I am playing at in Glasgow for the pick of the week. Hurrah! "After-midnight improv/electro action from NYC's Taperecorder."Headnodz gave love to the new video i made for Liquor Demons here!"Here is the latest from Taperecorders The Devil Is A Busy Man: the Ill Mestizo-featuring,jittery binge drink of a clip for Liquor Demons. Some of you weaker folks might get a bit sick watching this, and some of you will probably view this as atypical Thursday night." love it!

12/02/11 - Liquor Demons video!

The video for Liquor Demons (featuring Ill Mestizo on vocals) has been compiled, edited, tweaked, laughed at, re-edited, retweaked, nastified with vomitshots, and is now finally finished:

12/01/11 - Live & Legless!

December is a busy month in Taperecorder land! I am excited to announce the release of a live album! It is actually three 14 minute clips of live sets from threedifferent cities in three different countries. Speaking of countries, I am also doing a small week long winter tour in Scotland, England, and Iceland! More info on thelive record and tour over the next few days!

10/15/11 - Another Taperecorder remix!

Galactique have released the 2nd part of the Galactique Remix EP Trilogy. I did a sort of acid house remix of 'My Last Life' by Cosmo Memory. There is alsoa remix of Jenn Mierau by the mysterious and reclusive Abulafia; Teenwolf remixed Making FRriendz (one of my favourite remixes he has done); and a strippeddown re-edit of a Motrecarft song by one of their pals. Listen to and/or download the remix EP here!!

9/28/11 - New song gets love!

I posted a new song I made (called 'Sled') to my Soundcloud page and Headnodz gave it a nice little review. Check out the article and have a listen to thesong here.

9/15/11 - New music!

Galactique just released a four song Remix EP. It contains the remix I did of a Ninjasonik song as well as a re-imagining of my song 'Paper Monster' byGlasgows very own GK Machine. There is also a remix of Jenn Mierau by Toof and Terror Pigeon remixed a Cosmo Memory song. Lovely stuff! Listen to and/or download the remix EP here!! I am also playing at Glasslands in Brooklyn on the 21st of this month. woop!

8/7/11 - A few shows!

August 12th is another installment of Hot Butter Popcorn. August 19th i am playing the Digit Dealer CD release at Shea Stadium. September 13th i am inMontreal playing at the Jenn Meemaw album launch. Fun! Fun!

7/15/11 - Hot Butter Popcorn!

Come check out the monthly party I am helping throw with DJ Teenwolf (Ninjasonik, Cosmo Memory). This'll be the 4th installment of Hot Butter Popcorn atVeronica Peoples Club in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Our special guest this month is Zebra Katz. Good times!

6/19/11 - Stuff!

Man oh man! Played some amazing shows! Glasgow! Edinburgh! Berlin! Berlin! Berlin! Krakow! Reykjavik! Toronto! Toronto! And Brooooklyn!!! I am already planningmy autumn/winter tour. Need to get back out there!

5/10/11 - Headnodz review

A nice review with a lovely perspective on my new album: Here.

5/01/11 - My new album is out NOW!!

'The Devil Is A Busy Man' is out now: Here.

4/28/11 - Video for Crack Parade!

4/22/11 - Good Pop/Bad Pop Death Set remix!

A lovely little blurb about my remix is here.

4/21/11 - Headnodz lovin for my Death Set remix!

You can read (and listen!) here.

4/20/11 - Death Set remix!!!

I did a remix of my favourite new death set song. It is called 'Can You See Straight'. I swear I could hear them channelling Beau Velasco 20 seconds into thesong. I didn't know him well but he was always really cool to me when I bumped into him. Anyway, I got the parts from them and made one of my favouriteremixes. More info soon.

4/18/11 - 3rd video from new album!

Here is the third video from 'The Devil Is A Busy Man'. Watch it here. some tour dates have been posted!

4/05/11 - New videos & tour plans!

Here is the first and second video from 'The Devil Is A Busy Man'. Start here with Zesty Mordant and then follow it up here with Brunch Crunk Love. Tour dates over in Europe and the U.K. for end of Mayand early June will be announced very soon!

3/31/11 - New album promo!

Imma just link to it instead of trying to embed it. Which i did try but it looked so tiny. So follow this link instead.

3/30/11 - Phonopolis in Montreal!

Is stocking my vinyl record of 'Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts'! Go on down and hang out. Record stores rule!

3/29/11 - ^Land likes my video!

The people over at ^Land like my video for 'Brunch Crunk Love'. This makes me happy! Posted here.

3/24/11 - RCRD LBL!

A brand new song called Gravel Mountain was released today by RCRD LBL! It is off my new album, The Devil Is A Busy Man, out May 1 on Galactique. DownloadGravel Mountain free - via RCRD LBL.

3/15/11 - CJLO charts!

The Evergreen [Full On] EP is still bouncing around on the CJLO rpm top ten charts!

2/21/11 - CJLO charts!

The Evergreen [Full On] EP made the CJLO rpm top ten charts!

2/9/11 - Ninjasonik / Taperecorder

RCRD LBL presents Shoot The Lazer by Ninjasonik remixed by Taperecorder!!! Get it free via RCRD LBL.

2/1/11 - Evergreen [Full On]

The newest release from Taperecorder is the Evergreen [Full On] EP. Featuring the songs Nevergreen, Evergreen, Evergreen [Beeker remix] and a cover of Denmark by Jenn Mierau.The video for Nevergreen is here at my Vimeo page. You can get the Evergreen [Full On] EP free at the Taperecorder Bandcamp page.

1/5/11 - Union Pool show

Hey ho! I am playing in Brooklyn at Union Pool on January 12th. It is the first of many shows to come in 2011.

12/11/10 - Ninjasonik remix

I finished up my remix of 'shoot the lazer' by Ninjasonik. it will be released by rcrd lbl in the new year. more news on that when i find out.

11/1/10 - New 3 song single for Alight/Alone

featuring an edit of alight/alone, a brand new song called 'hobo', and a beautiful moody cover of alight/alone by james apollo.stream & free download here!

10/26/10 - taperecorder playlist for the mog music network

"we managed to snag an exclusive playlist from Francis before his audience gets as big as it is bound to be, featuring an equally diverse mix of tracks by everyone from school of seven bells to ray lamontagne. check out taperecorder̥s full playlist..."article and playlist here

10/15/10 - taperecorder live studio session with CJLO

CJLO was voted the best college radio staion in north america by CMJ and the huffington post. taperecorder did a four song studio recording (featuring montreals jenn mierau on vocals) and interview on CJLO after pop montreal.find it here.

10/10/10 - pop montreal via taperecorder & galactique records

taperecorder used his point and shoot camera to document his time at pop montreal. on the long train ride back home to brooklyn he edited a bunch of it together into a short little video.you can read the article & watch the video here.

9/29/10 - SSG 2010 POPmontreal festival pick: taperecorder

the folks at SSG music group have chosen taperecorder as their 2010 pop montreal festival pick! "As the name of the project might suggest, Taperecorder̥s music is something of a montage of various styles and sounds, acoustic guitars, electronic textures and glitchy rhythms..."you can read the rest of the article here.

9/29/10 - she does the city POPmontreal pick: galactique/taperecorder

the galactique showcase featuring taperecorder, toof, motrecraft, and toboggan was picked by the people at she does the city for their wednesday night pop montreal pick!you can read the article here.

POPmontreal write a nice little taperecorder blurb:

"coming from brooklyn, taperecorder makes music befitting their name. they trade in jittery, pastoral electronic pop with lilting female vocals and occasional forays into glitch...."read the rest here.

noMAG article featuring taperecorder!

there is a lovely article on taperecorder called "mapping a new familiar" in noMAG. "...the dreamy-dirty electro-indie-pop he makes as taperecorder, has carved out a remarkable career by banking on his luck..."read the article here!!!

POP montreal

taperecorder has been invited to play at POP montreal this year!pop montreal festival

cold spring video!

taperecorder filmed this video for cold spring on his point and shoot camera while travelling all over on the 'just ramble & think of ghosts" tour.watch it here!

new 3 song single for cold spring! [august 1st]

featuring and extended version of cold spring, don't forget to write [with rae spoon on vocals], and coldspring [also with rae spoon on vocals]stream and download for free here!!!

spring tour is over!!!

the taperecorder uk/european tour is over. next stop is the soundwave festival on vancouver island. remember to go check out the album:at the bandcamp site and it was fantastic. met so many lovely people and had some great adventures. taperecorder will be heading west in july and then back to europe in the early autumn. remember to go check out the album here!!!

03/23/10 - album(s) and tour!

so it looks like taperecorder will be releasing two albums on may 1st! 17 songs spread across two records. the first is called 'just ramble & think of ghosts' and features 8 songs about love, loss, and longing. both albums were made with guitars but on this one the guitars are obvious. bethany spiers provides the beautifully haunting vocals. the second release is called 'the devil is a busy man' and is a more glitchy, warbly offering. it was also made with guitars but you might be confused when you look for them. the guitars have been turned into pads and keyboard sounds. bethany spiers apears on this record more as vocal blips and hiccups.

a far flung tour of europe is happening at the end of april and much of may. summer tour and festival plans in north america are coming together also. keep checking in for details!

02/13/10 - vinyl + digital companion piece:

so it is done! everything has been sent off to the magical record pressing planet. in 6 to 8 weeks it will be beamed back to brooklyn in the form of a 12" record and be released on galactique recordings. it's scheduled for a may 1st release. it is called 'just ramble & think of ghosts' and has 8 songs on it. there will be a digital companion piece called 'the devil is a busy man' which might possibly be released at the same time or a month or two later. it has 8 songs (so far) with a few of them complementing songs from the 12". oh, and also: taperecorder will be touring in europe in early may. check back for all the lovely details!

01/01/10 - diamond dick by taperecorder:

diamond dick is a galactique family album featuring 11 songs called diamond dick by 11 different artists. featuring toof, ninjasonik, motrecraft, VER6, meniscus curve and more. it is amazing and taperecorder is proud to be a part of it! it is free and here...

12/01/09 - taperecorder songs on galactique compilation:

taperecorder has added a new song called 'hot bartender' and a remix of 'there is a little bit of good in everything' by vancouver techno legends inkwell. here...

11/01/09 - two taperecorder songs on compilation:

taperecorder has added two new songs to the glitchkrieg compilation. on song is called 'evergreen' and a the other is called 'five cans of chicken meat'. go get it free here...

09/15/09 - taperecorder mossyrock remix:

taperecorder remixed 'rain dries & clouds form' by mossyrock about a year ago. it is being rereleased on thier three EPs album. free here...

08/15/09 - taperecorder VER6 remix:

taperecorder did a remix of a VER6 song on his new e.p! "dipsomaniac [the sportsman remix by taperecorder]" is out now and free here...

06/15/09 - the lunchbox e.p. by taperecorder:

the third in the box trilogy - the lunchbox e.p. - is out now! a three song e.p. with one of them featuring VER6. it's a dancer! and it is free here.

06/12/09 - taperecorder hits the long and winding road:

taperecorder is off! he will be wandering canada and parts of the u.s. via planes, trains, cars, ferry's, and

05/15/09 - taperecorder collaboration:

"is that you, dinosaur?" can be found on gatineau by [blank]. it's a collaboration between [blank] and taperecorder. it's a great ittle marching number! the rest of the record is beautiful. go get it for free here!