Having previously helmed Intergalactic Faerie Funk and Mossyrock, Marc Francis' latest project finds him entirely on his own, crafting swingy-swag, dreamy-dirty, fearless dancefloor shoegaze.

With is ramshackle, bargain basement, DIY approach to technology, Taperecorder's roots are deep in house, with nods to the punk aesthetic, early rave culture, and indie rock. Francis cheekily infuses his signature squelchy beats with found sounds, acoustic doodlings, touches of glitch, and a naughty tale or two.

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Instead I sat in front of my speakers and listened to the magic that is Taperecorder, it really started to blow my mind. 'Denmark' is by far my favorite track on their most recent release, Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts, coming out this past May. I've started to acquire a large craving for tunes like this, some nice beats going on, but with the folk elements on top, that is at least what I hear, and I love it. If you haven't heard them, check them out, if you have heard them, check them out again.
-Your Day

Marc Francis is a friend of a friend who lives in Brooklyn NY and makes music under the alias Taperecorder. This track started off as a remix of 'Can You See Straight' by the Death Set, but took on a life of it's own, becoming more than a remix of the source material. It's got a hard-electro sound, with the ephemeral vocals of Victoria Tresko aka Fair Lion floating in contrast over top.
-Cuz Music Rocks

Multi-instrumentalist Marc Francis combines slinky, broken beats with laptops, guitars, and vocals reminiscent of glitch-pop hereos Four Tet.

Electronica, head bobbing beats, unexpected twists, and wait for it - banjo! from Taperecorder.
-Bandcamp Staff Pick

Taperecorder just dropped this punk-techno hybrid remix of the Death Set's 'Can You See Straight'. Cool to hear Marc Francis' hyper electro-beats collide with the Death Set's brand of 'lose-your-shit-rock' (can that be an official genre?)

After ditching his Mossyrock project several years ago, producer Marc Francis finally found his true calling under the Taperecorder moniker, and the result is the pleasingly pastoral Just Ramble & Think of Ghosts. Combining his past life as a folk artist with his longtime love of electronica, Francis manages to evoke a dreamy sense of place throughout. Tracks like "Cold Spring" and "Denmark" manage to live up to their evocative titles, as strings and ethereal vocals compete for space with atmospheric beats, giving you the sense that you're wandering outside after downing a pint or three. Tracks like "Don't Forget to Write" and "Alright/Alone," meanwhile, manage to show off Francis's ability to go for a maximal sound, something we're hopefully seeing a lot more if his Philadelphia Collins remixes are any indication. No matter the moniker, he seems to know exactly what he's doing, and you'll love him for it once you take a listen.
-MOG Editorial Review

This remix keeps the rock n roll energy of the original while amping it up for the dance floor. The track ends up coming off more like something from DFA 1979 with its ripping guitars and heavy drums giving its dance groove a serious injection of rock. Over the strumming bass line the vocals fade in softly carrying well over the uptempo dance rock sounds. You can pick the single up now for free through Soundcloud and be sure to check out the other singles Taperecorder has made available there as well.
-Good Pop, Bad Pop

Built around inter-twining loops of sound - from acoustic guitar to horns, computerized sound to delicate warbling - all the while bits of melody come crackling in like someone else's phone conversation.
-Las Vegas Weekly

Marc Francis (AKA Taperecorder) is a modern musical Gypsy. In sound as well as real life.
-Now Weekly

Marc Francis is on the move. I've caught him shortly before leaving Brooklyn to begin his North American tour as Taperecorder. The industrial noise i hear in the background to our conversation seems worlds away from the organic sounds of his 'Just Ramble & Think Of Ghosts' universe. His first album under the Taperecorder moniker seemingly marries the old soul of American folk styles to the uptempo heartbeat of electro.

...His music is the kind of stuff a die-hard clubber would listen to while hanging out with his shoegazer friends - hushed mellow and melodic electro-indie rock that floats by your ear like bubbles of sound.
-Las Vegas Weekly

The magic of Taperecorder is his ability to manipulate the sounds he creates live - which allows for him to take an organic romp thru tones, textures, loops, and beats."

I am a fan of Taperecorders moody, off-kilter bleep-beats, and Brunch Crunk Love is my favorite thus far...

Taperecorder sound really interesting, like either an indie, an experimental or a techno band, depending on what moment of what song you happen to catch.
-Song By Toad

After-midnight improv/electro action from NYC's Taperecorder at the Night Of The Earth Men party in the Berkely Suite gets the Guardian Gig Guide pick for Saturday.
-The Guardian UK

A Brooklynite called Taperecorder comes to the Basement City Screen in York touting fine indie electronica cabaret with devilishly plinky plonky sounds. The Gig Guide pick for Saturday.
-The Guardian UK

NYCs Marc Francis, a.k.a. Taperecorder, as far as I can tell, does his own thing. His The Devil Is A Busy Man joins a crowded roster of beat releases this year, but dude doesnt seem to be cribbing any trends, jumping on any bandwagons, or emulating anything out. Just weirdo stuttery samples, drum clicks, and a sleep-deprived watching cartoons vibe to the whole thing. Fresh. Francis is trying to evoke emotions and memories over atmosphere or style; I imagine you could ask him about each track and he would have a lengthy oral history behind each one. The Devil Is A Busy Man is a portrait of a producer working on and searching for his signature sound, and it is much more adventurous than that would leave one to believe. Keep an eye on this dude!

We managed to snag an exclusive playlist from Marc Francis aka Taperecorder before his audience gets as big as it is bound to be.
-Mog Music Network

As the name of the project might suggest, Taperecorder's music is something of a montage of various styles and sounds, acoustic guitars, electronic textures and glitchy rhythms...
-SG Music Group

Coming from Brooklyn, Taperecorder makes music befitting his name. He trades in jittery, pastoral electronic pop with forays into glitch and occasional lilting female vocals.
-POP Montreal

The dreamy-dirty electro-indie-pop he makes as Taperecorder...

You could label Taperecorder as an electronic-indie artists, but that description might lend comparisons to Bjork, Sigur Ros, or some other transcendently cheesy, Icelandic band. His sound is not so pseudo-mythical but rather much more grounded in real-world right now.
-The Salt Lake City Weekly

...Combining an arsenal of samplers, guitar, basslines, and vocals to create off kilter house vibes for his live show.
-Amarillo-Globe News

Here is a great new track from Taperecorder. We loved his album The Devil Is A Busy Man, and it seems the cascading, gleefully delirious SLED! will find its way on an alternate version of the album entitled The Devil May Care. We will definitely keep you posted on the new project release. In the meantime, vibe the hell out to SLED!

Interview & article on Taperecorder in NOMAG.

Gravel Mountain chosen for a release by RCRD LBL

Taperecorder remix of Ninjasonik chosen for release by RCRD LBL